Life Update: The Bus

I wanted to share a little life update for those of you who don’t know me really well or haven’t seen my Facebook posts about this. Recently, Cameron and I discovered that the school bus we were currently converting into a skoolie (for those of you who don’t know, it’s basically a bus turned into an RV/mobile home), wouldn’t be finished by the time our lease was up in May.

Due to our landlord and our current housing’s lack of basic human needs, we decided to put the project on hold temporarily. We will be moving up to Ohio to be closer to my family for a bit while we get everything finished.

While deciding on this, we also came to the conclusion that we don’t want a 42 foot long bus. It was impossible for us to drive on a normal road or to take any kind of turn with it. So we are exploring our options and will definitely be going with something smaller.

It was sort of a sad ending for that bus, but honestly it will probably work out much better for us in the end. Anything else we get will be much smaller and easier to convert, and I get to spend some extra time living around my family.

Thanks for reading! Sorry about the shorter post today- I’ve had a migraine all day and decided to keep it short and sweet.

One more update, I’m going to be doing book videos on YouTube every Monday and Thursday now, so there’ll be an extra update on the blog every week!


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