A Letter to Women That are Older Than Me



In August I will officially consider myself to be out of the Early Twenties stage of my life, and into The Mid Twenties. For those of you who have a few more years’ of experience than myself, I have a few concerns- I ask these questions because I always imagined I would have more figured out when I hit this age.

Do you still wake up at night with an intense feeling of loneliness mixed with anxiety about what the rest of your life looks like? I’m not sure whether it’s my age, my mind, or my choices in life- but I can’t shake the feeling that I am alone and that I should be doing more.

When you wake up at night, is there ever regret?

Have you planned out the rest of your life in a productive way? Or is it all just a blur? The rest of my life reminds of leaning my head against the window in a car going 70 miles per hour.

Those of you who made big life decisions early, are they still what you want?

Do people still talk down to you, and are you still made to feel smaller than you are? I worry that will never end either.

Last but not least, do you find it any easier to love yourself?

Thank you,

Someone who is still afraid to grow up.

What are your biggest fears about growing older? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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