What’s This All About Anyway?


Over the past few months I have been trying to decide what I really want to say with this blog. What is the theme or even just the point?  I’m a completely average person with a pretty normal life- who really cares?

I have come to the conclusion that this is mostly just for me. My mental health depends on having this kind of outlet, and if other people want to read it- then that’s just a bonus! I have been extremely flattered that people are following my blog and interested in what I’m saying.

This blog is mostly about mental health-illness, awareness, coping mechanisms, etc. To me, that’s been the main focus of 2017, and it’s an important subject for people to be talking about. As we head into 2018, the main focus will be the same.

This blog is also just about my personal interests, it’ll be about my travels once May comes around, opinions, pets, activities, etc. I don’t think I’ll ever limit it to just one small subject. However, everything is going to come back around to keeping peace of mind and inner tranquility, especially with mental illness always looming overhead.

What other topics pertaining to mental health would you like to hear about? What do you find most difficult in everyday life because of mental illness? I’d love to hear your stories and opinions. 

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