The past week has been a complete whirlwind. I spent it in Ohio with my family preparing for Thanksgiving, cooking, cleaning, starting a second job, and lots of travelling. So I didn’t really have a moment to post anything on here.

Because of that, I wanted to go ahead and voice what I am thankful for this year.

I am thankful for my enormous, loud, ridiculous family that I don’t see nearly enough and make my life so much more joyful.

I am thankful for my wonderful spouse that makes every day exciting.

I am thankful for the talented, hilarious, kind friends that I have made.

I am thankful for the two enormous dogs that love me unconditionally and think of me as their world. 

I am thankful for the examples of the extremely strong women in my family. Especially my own mother and my dad’s mother. I am in awe of you. 

I am thankful for growing up with eight younger siblings. You all shaped me in ways that never would have happened without you. 

I am thankful for the respectful, intelligent, kind men that raised me and that I grew up with. Thank you for making sure I knew that having a raised bar was important.

I am thankful for switching over to working completely at home this year. It has done absolute wonders for my mental and physical well being. 

I am thankful for books. That I have motivation to read them, that I have time to read them, and that they exist. 

I am thankful for this blog. It’s so wonderful to have a place to channel my thoughts. 

I am thankful for the chance to embark on an enormous journey next year. I’ve never been more scared and excited in my life. Living a minimalistic life on a renovated school bus will be so different from anything I’ve ever known. 

I am thankful that even though our world is in complete shambles, a lot of us are having intelligent conversations and working hard to change what we are living in.  

I am thankful for the resources I have to help and speak about my mental health. 

I am thankful for wonderful coworkers and a fantastic boss. 

I am thankful to have chances to make my body and mind better every single day.

 I am thankful for rainy days, clear nights, coffee, libraries, hikes, vinyl, hard cider, clove cigarettes, quiet mornings, bonfires, dogs, old movies, music, plaid, Doc Martens, long drives, and the month of October. It truly is the little things. 

I am thankful to you, for reading this and giving me a reason to keep writing on here. 


Thank you for reading this. I’d love to hear any thoughts or comments that you have…What are you thankful for this year?



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